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BuceriasWhen you arrive in Bucerías, the first thing to enchant you will be the simple charms of this traditional Mexican town with cobblestone streets, brightly colored homes with enormous wooden doors and an overall feeling of tranquility.

The ambiance is further enhanced by the serene ocean, friendly people and impressive sunsets that can be admired from the panoramic highway.

Bucerías is one of the most visited destinations of the Riviera Nayarit among national and international tourists alike. These visitors come in search of fun and relaxation in this pristine destination, known for its fine sands, colorful hotels and tranquil surf, perfect for young children who enjoy floating over the gentle waves on inflatable toys.

Here, adolescents love to sail, kayak or jetski, and tourists of all ages delight in the wonders of the beach as they rest under nearby thatched-roof huts.

It is common to see people bicycling down the streets of Bucerías towards the beach or walking through the communal market to shop for items such as silver jewelry, handicrafts, clothing and traditional sweets.

On the corners of the main streets of town are restaurants and bars with a decidedly tranquil ambiance where you can relax while drinking a glass of lemonade or enjoying a delicious ceviche (lime-marinated seafood) tostada or shrimp cocktail.

Bucerias Paseo del Beso

And in the Main Plaza, you can observe the daily comings and goings of the locals as you enter the picturesque church or walk a few meters towards one of the safest beaches in the region.

This beach also happens to have recently been listed among the cleanest on the Mexican coast by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat).

In fact, Bucerías is so attractive that many visitors, especially foreigners, decide to establish their second home here in this enchanting town. Surround yourself with the delightful smells, tastes and sounds as you are immersed in the living tradition of this time-honored small town on the ocean shore.

Art as a Path to Follow

“Books, culture and music are companions that travel with you throughout this life; they will never leave you behind,” expresses Florelisa Hernández, director of Crearte, a cultural center in the Riviera Nayarit.

In its initial stage of development, the center was established in Bucerías to bring children and adolescents of the region, as well as adults, into the world of artistic creation in order to make a significant contribution to their growth and education. “Crearte is a project that has just begun.

We offer classes to children and adults because I feel that art familiarizes you, stabilizes you. My project is mobile, so I work with different people both on an individual basis and through these centers,” explains Florelisa, a curator by profession, who since she was young has been familiar with different artistic expressions.

Crearte has been active since December of last year in the Regional Center for the Arts of the Riviera Nayarit (www.artenayarit.com) with oil painting, puppetry, drawing and paper mache workshops, among others, imparted in both English and Spanish.

“Art saves, for me, it is a savior, and for a child with family problems, who is sad, it saves him. It means believing in creating an internal world that no one can take away. It is like music, when I see people carrying their guitar, they are never alone. It is the same with art and culture,” concludes Florelisa.

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