As you walk the near virgin beaches of Litibú you will come upon fresh seaweed swept ashore by the waves, as if these aquatic plants sought to mingle with passersby.

They seem to beg the gentle footfall of a curious visitor, inviting him to feel their soft texture, smell their salty and sweet aroma, and be swept away by the natural wonders hidden in this treasure on the Pacific.

Litibú is awaiting interesting new projects such as first-class hotels, elegant residences and apartment complexes, restaurants and a new golf course created by the celebrated Greg Norman.

These developments will add to the natural charms of the two kilometers (1.2 miles) of beaches that stretch across Litibú, a destination that will soon be listed among the main tourism centers of the Riviera Nayarit.

As you walk the fine sands of Litibú —and along the neighboring beaches of Punta Negra and Careyero— you will feel as if you have stepped foot on a desert island,one surrounded by the grandeur of the sea and the warmth of Mother Nature, with silent trees lining the seashore.

You will find here the perfect union between exuberant natural riches and the comforts and activities available at the soon-to-be-established tourist complexes.

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