To get to Punta Raza, you must travel along a narrow path that weaves through the hills starting in the town of El Monteón.

Here begins the magic of this destination, for along the two-kilometer (one-mile) hike you will have the opportunity to appreciate exuberant vegetation of the region, giant palm trees that provide protective shade, and a panoramic view of the towns surrounding this beautiful beach with turquoise-blue waters.

Currently Punta Raza is one of the remaining untouched beaches in Riviera Nayarit offering near privacy for those who visit. The waters have a strong surf and undertow making the beach best for strolling through the sand and listening to the wave’s crash. From December through March you may even spot humpback whales off shore.

Like other destinations of the Riviera Nayarit, Punta Raza is awaiting interesting tourist development projects that will provide visitors with all the necessary services for their dream vacation: hotels, condominiums, spa services, shops and a golf course are the future of this beautiful community on the Pacific. In addition, a marina and commercial village is planned to support all the new hotels and residences in Punta Raza.

While this dream is taking shape, come and visit this paradise, walk along its beach and imagine how life would be spent under these palm trees.

Situated in the Central Pacific Coast of Mexico Punta Raza receives 345 days of sunshine each year. The sub-tropical Punta Raza weather is often compared to that of Hawaii as they share the same latitude. In summer months, Punta Raza temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees F (32 C) with an onshore breeze from Banderas Bay keeping the area cool at night. The rainy season typically lasts between June and September with rainfall typically occurring during the late afternoon.

With a spirit of care and preservation for the natural treasures that abound in the Riviera Nayarit, Punta Raza has established an independent turtle sanctuary that employs four people who work tirelessly to collect and protect turtle eggs.

Dare yourself to live the adventure and explore Punta Raza; it will be an unforgettable vacation!

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