Located between Mezcales and Bucerias the MEGA grocery store offers everything you can imagine. They have a fresh fish section, meat counter, bakery, groceries, clothes, electronics, etc. Try the local brands rather than the imports, you might be surprised by the quality and you will save because of their aggressive pricing!

TIP: The people that bag your groceries make their money only income from tips, so a few pesos would be appreciated. For a $500 pesos bill, $5 pesos is fine.

Wal-Mart Plaza on Highway 200 just in front of the Flamingos area and near Nuevo Vallarta. This Wal-Mart has a great variety and selection, and just like home, the value is great! Rumors are a multi-screen cinema, restaurants and additional will soon be coming to this site.

To fulfill all your sundry needs, Visit Sunset Supermarket at Paradise Plaza, offering a wide selection of items including; Deli, Pharmacy, Spirits & Wine, Water & Ice, Imported & National Goods, Fruit & Vegetables, Bakery Goods.

Convenience Stores

Tienda/Mini Super

Oxxo is the Mexican version of the 7-11. Great place to pick up some Cervezas, milk or even an iced Cappucinno. Bucerias has two on either end of town. Nuevo Vallarta has one.

Bucerias Sunday Market
Get an authentic taste of a Mexican market. The people are friendly and the experience is fun! The Sunday market in Bucerias is the place to be for fresh fruit, fresh shrimp, small household items and so many other things. Shop where the nationals shop and save! The market is located up the “River” which is the sandy road that crosses the middle of town. During the rainy season, it really is a river!

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