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Surfing in Mexico's Riviera Nayarit

Surfing in Mexico's Riviera NayaritMany people are very surprised to learn that Riviera Nayarit is blessed with high quality point surf and reef breaks that provide variety and a premier experience for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Seven different “breaks” circle the Punta Mita southern peninsula alone, from Anclote to Sayulita, providing surfers with the options of zippy reefs, to perfect point breaks, to fun beach breaks.

Other “breaks” line the coastline north to Chacala and San Blas. Traditional short board as well as long board and stand-up paddleboard surfing are all available for lessons and test “drives” at reasonable rates, and ultimate rides for more experienced boarders.

Here are some of the most frequented surfing locations in Riviera Nayarit. Catch a wave and the thrill of a lifetime!

The Cove
Location: Punta de Mita Point, southern most bay
Quality: Guides say it’s the best break around.
Access: Panga from Punta de Mita, or 40 minute rocky walk.
Tide: High, gets shallow on low tide
Notes: Go early! Can get crowded with tourists competing for the ride of their trip.

Surfing in Mexico's Riviera NayaritEl Anclote
Location: In front of condos
Type: Longboard, right
Quality: Good beginner break. Mellow pitch, slow, and long.
Tide: Most, inside gets shallow. Be sure to find best path out.
More: Usually 2-4 ft, right

La Lancha
1.5 miles south of El Anclote
Type: Longboard, most rights, few lefts
Quality: Good longboard wave
Access: Panga or 40 minute beach walk from Punta de Mita
Tide: Best on incoming tide, then outgoing tide. Shallow on low tide
More: Goes when everything else is flat.
Watch out for Coral heads, especially near the take off.

Punta Burros
Location: 10 minutes south of El Anclote at Palladium Vallarta Resort
Type: Longboard, shortboard
Quality: Great, favorite break in the area
Access: Stay at resort or park outside the resort gate on the left, near the taxis.
Find path along the fence line to the left.
Tide: High is best, but works on most anything
Note: Can get busy on weekends with locals and tourists.
More: Left is steeper and throws a bit. Right is longer with a mellower pitch.
Because Burros has easy access, don’t miss this wave.

Surfing in Mexico's Riviera NayaritSayulita
Location: 20 minute north of El Anclote
Type: Longboard, shortboard. Mostly rights.
Quality: Decent wave that goes without much swell.
Tide: works on most any tide
Fun, great atmosphere, but can get crowded with locals and tourists.

Los Veneros: Also known as Dinosaurs, this is a classic reef break with a long right It is a great short board wave, but long boarders enjoy it too. The wave is very much like Malibu Point, only more hollow.

Swimming Pools: Just north of Los Veneros is another point (you can see it break from the line up at Los Veneros) This is a fast hollow right that pitches big time Long boarders will like Los Veneros much better. The easiest way to get to the break is to simply paddle over to it.

The Beach Break: About 200 yards to the left from Los Veneros (looking at the ocean) is an excellent beach break with an outstanding wide open left that is perfect for getting barreled. It breaks over a sand bottom and has all the juice you need to do some hard core tube riding.

The Other Breaks

La Caleta: A short panga ride from the village of Chacala puts you onto the perfect left point known as La Caleta. This is a deep water peak that unwinds down a perfect left point. Long rides on steep and perfect walls follow a stimulating drop and bottom turn on the peak. This is another break that is frequented by Costa Azul Adventure Resort and when they show up, it is an instant crowd.

Matenchen Bay: Reputed to be the longest ride-able wave in the world, Matenchen Bay offers an excellent long right point over a cobblestone and sand bottom. It takes a focused swell to get it to break, but when it does, it is legendary. Rides of over a mile are possible on the right swell and don't mistake a long ride to mean a crappy wave. This wave pitches and peels all the way.

Stoners: The outer point of Matenchen Bay breaks more frequently and offers a wonderful right point with hollow sections. This is a high quality wave worth the wait.

Lolas: An excellent left point north of San Blas. One can negotiate for a panga to take you to the point and you will find a long and sometimes hollow left that you will always remember as epic. No crowds, remote jungle, regional class surf and barrels. What more could anyone ever want?

Courtesy: Mexico Surf Resorts

Click Here to watch a video about our last Surf Event at Sayulita.

For more pictures and videos, Click Here.



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