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Top Experiences 

There are myriad reasons for travelers to come visit this unique destination. Mexico’s newest luxury destination—the Riviera Nayarit—is ready to be unveiled on the world market. Virtually unknown to the majority of travelers, the Riviera Nayarit is an elegant, exclusive getaway designed to harmonize with the exuberant nature that surrounds it. Riviera Nayarit enjoys a mild tropical climate with an average temperature of a comfortable 77° F. Just  10 minutes north from the Puerto Vallarta´s International Airport, with several gateways from all over the US, Canada and Mexico

We would like to share with you first-hand information that will allow you to sell Riviera Nayarit at a glance:

We’ve chosen some top experiences to get started: 


1. Exclusivity

Travelers coming to this destination want to distance themselves from conventional tourist destinations with their crowded beaches and mass-produced tours. The resorts in the Riviera Nayarit provide the refined environment they seek, from the transportation from the airport to the attention paid to the smallest of details and the impeccable service at the resorts, which extends to their restaurants and the different amenities they offer. The white and golden sand beaches with crystal clear waters or the deep blue waves of the Pacific provide the perfect background, while the warmth of its people makes every stay unique.  

2. Luxury Hotels

The Riviera Nayarit has an unusually large number of AAA-rated resorts within Mexico, including three Five Diamond Category hotels—the pinnacle of luxury according to the classification of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The hotels themselves vary in style, ranging from intimate boutique properties to large, upscale resort chains.

Many of these accommodations take advantage of the ocean views or garden areas with spacious balconies. The common areas are spacious, with pools overlooking the ocean and activities available for guests of all ages. The cuisine is varied with an international flair.

Pristine Beaches

3. Pristine beaches with little or no development

The Riviera Nayarit has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, many of them in practically pristine condition, framed only by the vegetation and the mountains. Guests can find themselves walking for long distances 

without having to share the sand with any other visitors. Some of the most impressive beaches include those in Nuevo Vallarta, Destiladeras, El Anclote, El Novillero, Punta de Mita, Bucerías and San Francisco. Surfers prefer the waves at San Blas and Sayulita; to the north of Nuevo Vallarta, visitors will enjoy the nearly isolated shores of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

4. Golf courses and polo fields provide upscale entertainment

The world’s top-notch golf course designers have found in the Riviera Nayarit a privileged spot surrounded by natural beauty, and have taken full advantage of the magnificent views of the ocean, the bays and the estuaries, the exuberant tropical vegetation and the verdant Sierra Madre mountains to create some truly spectacular courses, blessed as well with a pleasant climate for most of the year. The newest greens include the course at Litibú, created by the world-renowned Australian golfer/designer Greg Norman, and El Nayar at Nuevo Vallarta’s Mayan Resort, designed by Jack Nicklaus. The area already boasts six world-class courses, with three additional ones in the works. Polo is another sport that has caught the imagination of many visitors to the Riviera Nayarit. The village of San Francisco (San Pancho) is home to La Patrona Polo Club, with a complete program in play from November through May.

Marina5. The largest marina in Mexico

Sailing and fishing are both very pleasurable pursuits on the coast of Nayarit, which may explain why is home of the largest marina in Mexico. The Marina Riviera Nayarit, located in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, offers 341 yacht slips. It can accommodate even the largest vessels and provides supply boats that offer repair and maintenance services, dry marina, fuel services, yacht club facilities and a VIP lounge. Short boat tours or excursions along the coast are available, with stops for diving or romantic sunset cruises. The marina has hosted many international events, including the 2012 Nautical Extravaganza, which brought in 265 sailors from 20 different countries.

Nayarit also attract lovers of sport fishing thanks to the great variety of species that thrive in its coastal waters. It has an extensive fleet of fast, modern motorboats with all of the amenities and crews with full knowledge about this exciting sport. Several fishing tournaments take place in the area, including the La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Sport Fishing Tournament.

6. Nature at its finest

The state of Nayarit is one of the destinations that give Mexico the reputation for being one of the world’s richest countries in biodiversity, history, culture and gastronomy. Here tourists can enjoy luxurious accommodations and experience the beauty of nature with tours along the coast, inland or even in neighboring states—there’s a different tour for every day!

Nuevo Vallarta

Some of the top attractions are:

Nuevo Vallarta- Flamingos – It has the widest, most expansive beaches along the bay, plus golf courses, marinas, a commercial center, two dolphin aquariums and 2 aquatic parks.

Bucerías – This village reflects Mexico’s culture at its most genuine with its cobblestone streets and narrow sidewalks. The main square is just a few meters away from the beach and is flanked by several restaurants offering seafood specialties and establishments playing live music.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle – This traditional fishing village now offers a modern infrastructure, including Mexico's biggest marina.

Punta de Mita – Once home to the ancient Huichol tribes; it’s now the site of several luxury hotel chains and world-class golf courses thanks to its astounding natural beauty. The nearby village of El Anclote offers a selection of excellent restaurants.

Hidden Beach MarietasIslas Marietas National Park- These rocky islands are home to several endangered species of birds; the surrounding coral reefs attract divers from around the world with the fantastic variety and beauty of the marine species that thrive there, including the giant stingray, which can reach a wingspan of over eight meters. UNESCO has declared this area a Biosphere Reserve.

Sayulita – This internationally recognized Hippie-Chic surfing hotspot hosts an international championship every December. It has a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars along its boardwalk, offering everything from the simplest menu to the most exclusive cuisine.

San Francisco – This small village near the sea stands out for its polo club, horseback riding, SCUBA diving, mountain climbing and jungle excursions.

Lo de Marcos – This wide beach receives very few visitors; it enjoys a typically Mexican atmosphere, with great regional food.

Rincón de Guayabitos – Called by many a “hidden gem,” this area is characterized by its colorful environment, modern infrastructure and lovely scenery; it’s an excellent choice for fishing and diving. Don’t miss Jaltemba Bay, famous for its calm waters and known as the "biggest natural swimming pool in Mexico." Inside the bay, Los Ayala tempts palates with a rich regional cuisine based on fish and seafood. The quaint village of La Peñita de Jaltemba is another enjoyable must-see.

San BlasSan Blas – This is a town of great natural beauty and an important cultural heritage—its history includes pirate expeditions, colonial conquests and participation in Mexico’s struggle for independence. Its pristine, isolated beaches with calm waters, tropical rainforest and beautiful panoramic sights are ideal for those who enjoy ecotourism.

Parque Nacional de la Tovara - This bird sanctuary located in a natural habitat of Pacific mangroves can be enjoyed via small boats that take visitors tours to see crocodiles, turtles and other species

Isla Mexcaltitán - Considered the birthplace of Mexican civilization, as it was the departure point for the Mexicas that left the island on their journey towards the central highlands to establish Tenochtitlan (Now Mexico City); today it is considered known as the Venice of Mexico because its streets flood during the rainy season, forcing residents to travel by watercraft.

Los Toriles – The state’s most important archaeological zone. The pre-Hispanic ceremonial buildings were built around 650 B.C., including a circular pyramid dedicated to the sun and the moon, the origin and the meaning of the circular pyramid is still unknown.

7. Swim with dolphins, watch the whales and observe the birds

Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins and sea lions is one of the most popular activities among visitors. After a brief lesson, visitors can enter the water to interact directly with the dolphins and sea lions. There are several programs in the aquatic parks, including some for small children from 4 to 8 years of age. Another big attraction is whale watching, which starts in mid-December through the end of March. The passage of these cetaceans through the Banderas Bay during their annual migration is one of the most spectacular sights on the planet. Their leaps can be seen from the coast or—even more thrillingly—up close and personal aboard a boat. The local birds are also fascinating. About 350 species of native and migratory birds can be found in the local forests, mountains, lagoons and mangroves. Most tours depart from the historical town of San Blas.

8. World-class spas

Guests come here to enjoy a wide variety of spas with many different types of treatments including massages and hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and meditation in close communion with nature. Many spas are located within the major hotels, but there are also independent spa facilities located in nature reserves and more isolated spots. Traditional therapies are offered alongside a variety of indigenous treatments including algae wraps, Mayan mud therapy, hot stone massages and chocolate wraps. One of the most popular treatments is a visit to the temazcal, a kind of sauna that incorporates indigenous therapeutic practices and rituals that enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Local spas also include international therapies from counties such as Italy, Japan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia.

Gastronomy9. Unparalleled cuisine

The gastronomy of Nayarit, a coastline with a rich diversity of seafood, is based mainly on fish, oysters and shrimp. The region is also known for spicy sauces, plus local delights such as ceviche, enchiladas, shrimp soups and regional fruit jams. The more sophisticated hotels also feature menus with Asian, European, Mexican regional cuisine and even Brazilian haute cuisine. You’ll also find a variety of restaurants located right on the most popular beaches, where tourists can enjoy the tasty typical fare of local fishing villages.

10. The region is vibrant with culture and tradition

Those looking to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the state of Nayarit can visit towns such as San Blas and Santa María del Oro with their archaeological sites and historic buildings. The Huichol tribe, native to the state of Nayarit, is an ethnic group that lives in the Sierra Madre Mountains. They managed to escape the period of the Spanish conquest and were little influenced by Mexican culture. It is one of the few tribes in North America that still maintains its ancient rituals, beliefs and language. You can take a tour into the majestic rainforest region where they reside and learn more about their music, their food and their beautiful handicrafts.

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Sample Itineraries

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We have prepared some itineraries, so you can surprise your clients with daily activities and places they can enjoy, just print them and give your clients some ideas to know more of the destination!


Couples Itinerary

The Riviera Nayarit has some of the most exclusive hotels not only in Mexico, but in the world. They offer impeccable, discrete service, allowing even the most demanding clients-among them international celebrities and socialites-to fully and confidently enjoy their stay. The scenery is spectacular and there are so many experiences to be enjoyed as a couple that even a quick weekend getaway becomes an unforgettable occasion. Check out this itinerary and pick and choose whatever makes your heart beat faster.

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Senior Itinerary

As time goes on the Riviera Nayarit has become a favorite for senior travelers. One of the main attractions is its amazing nature, the tranquil ambiance and the many options available for accommodations, entertainment, relaxation and health.

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Families With Kids Itinerary

When we leave on vacation with our kids we always wonder where to go and what to do so the little ones can have a great time and their time off is truly exceptional. So let's get to it and start with some suggestions on the best activities for a spectacular weekend:

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Family With Teens Itinerary

Keeping teens occupied is a big challenge, especially since they want their freedom! What better way to channel their energies than showing them how interacting with nature can give them what they want.

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Guy Getaway Itinerary

There's nothing like getting out of town with a few of your best friends. You know, the ones who have your back on unforgettable adventures. The fun in the Riviera Nayarit has everything to do with the many activities available thanks to the sea, the lagoons and the mountains. A trip with friends can become a thrilling ride-here are some options to put on your travel schedule:

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Girls Getaway Itinerary

Trips with girlfriends are wonderful: there's so much to talk about there won't be enough time to get caught up. This is why you travel: to share, talk and do things together, to have the place and the space to truly enjoy your friendship.

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Special Travel Industry Rates

Four Seasons Punta Mita

Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort

Rate: 50% Off Public Rate
Promotion: Travel Agents Rate: 50% in F&B
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Valid Trough: December 15/14
Contact: Liliana Díaz -
Jesus Aguirre -
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Tel: (329) 291 6000 Ext. 3215 - 3220 & 3218
Restrictions: Reserve with 3 months prior arrival. Subject to availability. Not available for holidays.(May 23-26 and November 21-29)

Grand Palladium

Grand Palladium Resort and Spa

Rate: From 528 MXP per person per night (Check availability and seasonality)
Promotion: Travel Agents Rate
Valid From: July 01/14
Valid Trough: December 20/14
Tel: (55) 5564 9081
Restrictions: Subject to availability. Not available for holidays. ID at check in, just 2 rooms per travel agent.

Imanta Resort Punta de Mita

Imanta Resort

Rate: $375USD + 19%Tax + 10%Service Charge
Promotion: Travel Agents Rate: European Plan
Valid From: January 01/14
Valid Trough: December 15/14
Contact: +52 (329) 298 4242,
Restrictions: Subject to availability. Not available for holidays.

Las Palomas

Rate: 50% Off Public Rate
Promotion: Travel Agents Rate
Valid From: January 01/14
Valid Trough: December 15/14
Contact: Tel. (311) 214-09-53 y 01-800-713-85-00
Restrictions: Subject to availability. Not available for holidays.

St. Regis Punta Mita

St Regis Punta Mita Resort

Rate: April 20 - October 31, 2014:  $335usd per room per night
November 1 - December 20, 2014: $395usd per room per night
Rate plus 19% tax + 10% service charge
Promotion: Travel Agents Rate
Valid From: April 20/14
Valid Trough: December 20/14
Contact: Tel (329) 291 5858. ó
Restrictions: Subject to availability. Not available for holidays. Present ID at Check-in.

Vallarta Gardens

Vallarta Gardens

Rate: 30% Off Public Rate
Promotion: Travel Agents Rate - 30% off F&B
Valid From: April 14/14
Valid Trough: December 15/14
Contact: Tel. (329) 295 5100 Ext 204. E-mail:
Restrictions: Subject to availability. Not available for holidays.


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