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Vallarta Adventures Mexico Riviera Nayarit

Many vacationers easily get Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta Mexico confused. In fact, a lot of Mexico travellers that are really looking to experience Nuevo Vallarta adventures mistakenly use “Puerto Vallarta adventures” in their online searches.

Both of these Mexico vacation destinations are very popular resort areas and easily confused since they are only half an hour apart and nearly flow into each other.

Nuevo Vallarta is actually in the state of Riviera Nayarit, which encompasses nearly 200 miles of Pacific west coast Mexico beaches and resort towns stretching north of Puerto Vallarta.

There are many opportunities to participate in Nuevo Vallarta adventures including both land and water activities in Nuevo Vallarta that are unique to Riviera Nayarit Mexico.

Mexico Golf Vacations, Mexico Sailing, Mexico Fishing Vacations and Mexico Surfing Vacations are always very popular but some of the less talked about and more unique Nuevo Vallarta adventures and activities can be very intriguing and may include exciting Riviera Nayarit activities like;

Sea Lion Encounters

Baby Turtle Release    

Swimming with Dolphins

Canopy Zip Line Tours

When you return home from your Mexico vacation you will have more than just stories of sunbathing by the pool, swimming on the ocean shores and eating at your resort’s fine restaurants.

Vallarta Adventures Canopy Tours

For travellers on Mexico vacations in the Riviera Nayarit who are seeking an excellent fun activity and are unafraid of heights, zip line Vallarta adventures and canopy tours can be some of the most exciting memories you’ll create as you explore Mexico’s tropical jungle paradise…from above.

Canopy adventures Puerto Vallarta will help you gain a new perspective of one of Mexico’s unique eco-systems as you swing along the rainforest canopy. Many of these Vallarta adventure zip lines are built about 90 feet above the Sierra Madre rainforest floor.

Make zip line tours in Mexico part of your Mexico vacation and experience the ultimate thrill and exhilaration as you skim through the forest canopy and over rivers and creeks.

There are multiple Nuevo Vallarta Adventure tours specializing in zip lines while others combine other adventurous Nuevo Vallarta activities such as riding ATVs, Rhinos and Dune Buggies.

Tips to remember when planning a Zip Line Vallarta Adventure:

  • Make reservations early as Mexico zip line tours are very popular and often fill up quickly
  • Check to see if there are any age, height or weight restrictions with your Mexico Zip Line Tour Company
  • Bring sun block and insect repellant for added protection
  • Wear good running shoes as there will likely be hiking and climbing involved

Puerto Vallarta Adventures- ATVs

There are plenty of Puerto Vallarta family activities to enjoy but many Mexico tourists don’t mind getting dirty with Vallarta ATV tours.

ATV Vallarta adventures will have you cruising through the Sierra Madre jungle terrain, splashing through rivers and exploring nearly untouched land just north of Puerto Vallarta in the Nuevo Vallarta region of Rivera Nayarit.

Several ATV tour companies are located in the heart of Nuevo Vallarta and the Sierra Madre Mountains help make your Vallarta adventure options seemingly endless:

  • Tour for a couple hours, half day or full day
  • Choose a Single, Double or Rhino (4 person) ATV
  • Participate in a group tour or private tour
  • Select an automatic ATV for ease of driving or be challenged with a manual ATV
  • Choose from a number of Vallarta locations and settings to explore

TIP: Prepare to get dirty! Wear clothes that can dry quickly and can easily be washed, as well as protective footwear and sunglasses.

Nuevo Vallarta Adventures - Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico is no longer an activity reserved for the movies and marine trainers.

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent and playful animals in the world and abundant in Nuevo Vallarta’s waters, especially in the Banderas Bay area.

A Nuevo Vallarta adventure center can help get you up close and personal with the local dolphins. Tourists who enjoy these waters with the dolphins have the opportunity to:

  • Swim close to the mammals and get “nosed” by a dolphin (an endearing display of affection)
  • Get a “lift” from the dolphin upon stroking its dorsal fin
  • Interact with their bright and good-natured personalities
  • Act as a dolphin trainer to develop an even deeper bond

TIP: If you are traveling with kids, look for a specialized tour company that has swimming with dolphins programs specifically designed for kids under 12.

Baby Sea Turtle Release Vallarta Adventures

Unlike Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta Mexico is home to thousands of Baby Sea Turtles that hatch along its long stretches of sandy beaches.

Like clockwork, each year Olive Ridley Turtles return to these Mexico beaches where they were born in order to lay their eggs.

Once the eggs hatch, the Baby Sea Turtles must crawl back to the safe shelter of the Pacific Ocean waters in order to survive and continue the circle of life.

Sea Turtle Programs provide an emotional and educational experience as Mexico tourists enjoy these unique Vallarta adventures with an opportunity to learn from biologists and to search the beaches for baby sea turtles to rescue.

While on a Sea Turtle Rescue in Mexico, you can expect to:

  • Learn about baby sea turtles’ natural predators that include birds and iguanas
  • Explore Mexico beaches where sea turtles are protected by law
  • Search for female sea turtles laying eggs along the beaches (from August - November)
  • Discover baby sea turtles less than one day old
  • Help the next generation survive by releasing baby sea turtles back into their ocean habitat

TIP: Remember to wear sandals that are suitable for walking in sand, dress in comfortable clothes for exploring the Mexico beaches and bring a camera or video camera to capture your most amazing memories!

Experience Vallarta Adventures in Riviera Nayarit Mexico

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Mexico Vacationsoffer the perfect settings to enjoy Puerto Vallarta adventures and Nuevo Vallarta adventures suitable for the whole family.

For a complete list of adventure travel Mexico vacation destinations that include attractions and activities in Nuevo Vallart, visit our Vallarta Adventures activity page.


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