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Pacific & South American Sea Lions

If you’ve never had a sea lion encounter you have to try swimming with sea lions!

Pacific sea lions are fin-footed marine mammals that are members of the “eared seal” family. They are known for their intelligence, affectionate playfulness and noisy “barking.”

South American sea lions can walk on all fours and are friendly, fun loving, and provide an unforgettable nature encounter for adults and children alike. Getting nose to whisker on a sea lion encounter allows you to interact with these energetic and mischievous creatures, which is sure to be a highlight of your vacation experience.

Vacation in Riviera Nayarit and you can get up close and intimate with these amazing, highly intelligent mammals.

Swimming with Sea Lions

Sea Lion Encounters are also known as “swimming with sea lions” and provide vacationers a great introduction to these beautiful mammals. The sea lion experience starts with a poolside briefing. The knowledgeable sea lion trainers provide an overview of sea lion facts, including their behaviour, habitat, anatomy, feeding habits, and more.

Then it’s into the water alongside professional sea lion trainers who will guide you through your up-close sea lion encounter, including petting, “flipper shakes” and perhaps an affectionate sea lion kiss or hug.

Sea lion encounters are hands-on and designed to provide an informational, educational, and fun experience for all who participate. The incredible photos you will be able to take home will forever help you preserve the memory of this incredible swimming with sea lions experience

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Two children and sea lion covering their eyes as parents kiss
Young girl and sea lion laughing together
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