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A True Mexican Town

In Lo de Marcos Mexico, just 11-km north of San Pancho (San Francisco), you can enjoy the essence of a true Mexican town. Wide, calm streets, colorful flowering trees, and brilliantly painted façades accompany patient fishermen as they weave their nets, which they will later throw into the warm Pacific Ocean located at the end of the paved walkway.

Paradise On Earth

“It is a small paradise on Earth,” expresses one of the inhabitants of this corner of the Riviera Nayarit. Here, resort hotels and villas of the purest Mexican style will welcome you with open arms.

Lo de Marcos Mexico is a town with a remodeled gazebo in the downtown plus many small businesses and exceptional restaurants that serve up delicious homemade Mexican food and friendly service.

“The beaches are extremely calm; when the waves break you can even see the fish,” shares a woman who for years has visited the area. For her, this is a tranquil refuge. Bungalows, villas, comfortable hotel rooms and a well-equipped RV park are the lodging options available at this inviting retreat on the Mexican Pacific coastline.

If you are looking for more luxurious resort accommodations, then book your holiday at the new One and Only Mandarina, just 6km from town and due to open on November 1, 2020.

Beaches Near Lo de Marcos Mexico

Its beaches, Los Venados, Las Minitas, and El Atracadero, are surrounded by green hills and whimsical rocks that contrast beautifully with the intense blue sky and warm Pacific waters. Playa Lo de Marcos is one of Nayarit’s Top Beaches for Socially Distanced Vacations.

This idyllic scene is completed by visitors that carry out various activities such as beach volleyball, jet-skiing, jumping in the calm waves with children, or even fishing off the shore.

Savor some grilled fish in one of the thatched-roof huts found along the beaches here. Walk along the peaceful streets and enjoy the delights of the sea and sand, in an ambiance of complete tranquility.

Lo de Marcos Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lo de Marcos Mexico?

Lo de Marcos is located just 21 miles (34km) northeast of Punta de Mita in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

How far is Lo de Marcos from the airport?

Lo de Marcos in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico is approximately 32 miles (52km) from Puerto Vallarta airport.

What to do in Lo de Marcos Nayarit?

Known as a true Mexican town, Lo de Marcos has many fine sandy beaches including Los Venados, Las Minitas, and El Atracadero. These beaches are ideal for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and enjoying exceptional Pacific Ocean sunsets.

What time is it in Lo de Marcos?

Lo de Marcos in Riviera Nayarit is in the same time zone as Mexico City, which is Central Daylight Time.

How to get to Lo de Marcos Nayarit?

Your flight to Riviera Nayarit Mexico would land at Puerto Vallarta airport, which is just over an hour drive from Lo de Marcos by rental car, taxi, or by hotel shuttle bus.

Where to stay in Lo de Marcos Nayarit?

Bungalows El Coral is a popular beach style hotel. There is also the One and Only Mandarina, a new 104-room luxury resort hotel that opened in late 2020.

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