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Amazed by the scenery of exuberant palm trees and the beautiful Pacific Ocean, numerous people have decided to establish Punta El Custodio Mexico as their new home.

Getting to Punta El Custodio & Where to Stay

Punta El Custodio Mexico is also only 39-km south of San Blas. It is also located approximately two hours north of Nuevo Vallarta. Before reaching the stunning and isolated beaches of Punta El Custodio you will drive through several popular seaside towns including:

In this beautiful Nayarit town, creative artisans and locals will welcome you to experience the real Mexico.

There are plenty of wonderful villas, condominiums, and Punta El Custodio hotels of low ecological impact that have been carefully constructed at this Nayarit destination over the last 30 years. All are ready to receive those fortunate lovers of sand, sun and sea that have chosen to visit this gem of the Riviera Nayarit. Luxurious beachfront Palapa style rental accommodations are also typical in Punta El Custodio Mexico, featuring thatched style roofs and open spaces.

What To Do In Punta El Custodio

This is also an ideal destination for nature lovers. Punta El Custodio in Riviera Nayarit is home to one of the state’s most important turtle sanctuaries, which receives dozens of volunteers from a variety of countries every year. People from all over the world come here to watch over the nesting marine turtles and to help protect their eggs.

Other activities near Punta El Custodio Mexico include whale watching, deep sea fishing, horseback riding on the beach, surfing, jungle cruises, waterfall hikes, kayaking, and exploring local Mexican culture.

All along the 8-km (5-mile) Punta el Custodio beach it is not uncommon to see jovial young people running into the waves with their boogie boards, or people tranquilly enjoying the rays of the sun as they contemplate the Pacific Ocean.

Two women walking thru gentle wave on the beach in Punta El Custodio

Other Beach Options

If you are looking for a family-friendly environment where young children can play in calm waters, head over to Las Tortugas beach.

Farther north you will come upon a small peninsula formed by whimsical rock formations known as Isla Bonita. And across from Punta El Custodio Mexico is Platanitos Beach, a fishing village where you can dine on delicious seafood dishes prepared in thatched-roof huts lining the seashore.

For nearby hotel accommodations, check out Torreblanca Suites in Guayabitos.

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