Las Varas was originally a hacienda (estate) and only formally became a town in March, 1935, according to local chronicler Alejandro Martínez Osuna in a book which recounts the history of this destination.

Set in the heart of the Sierra de Vallejo, Las Varas is found where the many different roads that lead to the various beaches of the Riviera Nayarit converge. This town’s dedication to its time-honored traditions is one of its most fundamental characteristics. Here, you can still enjoy an ice cream cone as you rest on one of the benches in the main plaza.

Among the folk celebrations held in Las Varas are the Judas of Holy Week, the Santo Santiago Cavalcade, the Virgen de Guadalupe festival and the Mojigangas, a Carnaval celebration during which costumed people and clowns parade down the streets and then perform bullfighting tricks in the town’s charro ring.

Primarily dedicated to agriculture, the town of Las Varas Mexico is surrounded by fields of beans and tobacco as well as fruit orchards. As you approach town, the landscapes of country living will also inspire you to explore the Mataiza Lagoon, by either taking a boat ride or camping along its shore.

On your visit to this traditional community, don’t forget to stop by the Community Museum, home to an interesting collection of archeological pieces such as pots, arrowheads, ceramics, fossils and antiques that have been found in nearby areas such as the Altavista ceremonial center. And if you wish to delve into the wonders of sea and sand, you will find the beaches of Chacala just ten minutes away. Las Varas hotels and bungalows are limited and many visitors choose to stay at hotels closer to the beach, such as Chacala Beach, La Penita, and Jaltemba Bay.

Because Las Varas is set inland the weather has much cooler low temperatures, dropping to as low as 8°C January through March. Daytime highs can still reach up to 80-90°F (27-32°C) year round. Average rainfall in Las Varas is also much higher, which benefits all the farms and ranches throughout the area. July and August are the wettest months with up to 24 days of rain, or a total of 274 mm of rainfall.

The distance between Las Varas and Puerto Vallarta is approximately 90 km or a 1 hour and 40 minute drive.

Be sure to spend some time in Las Varas Nayarit before continuing on to all of the incredible beaches in the northern part of Riviera Nayarit, Mexico!

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