Nayarit Travel Tips for Tourists Vacationing in Riviera Nayarit MX

Riviera Nayarit Travel Tips & Key Information

Emergency Phone Numbers in Nayarit

066 Police and Ambulances

065 Red Cross
078 Highway Assistance and Tourist Information

Other Important Nayarit Numbers

  • American Consulate: (322) 222-0069 or 01-333-268-2145 – Local 4 Int. 17, 2nd floor Paradise Plaza, Nuevo Vallarta
  • Canadian Consulate: (322) 293-0098 – Blvd Francisco M. Ascencio 1951, Edificio Obelisco.
  • Canadian Consulate 24 hr Emergency line: 01 (800) 706-2900
  • British Embassy ( Mexico City)  01-555-207-2449
  • Consumer Protection (PROFECO): (322) 225-0000
  • Tourism Office: 01 (800)446-3942 or (322) 221-2676
  • Immigration Office: (322) 224-7653 or (322) 224-7719 – Across from the Maritime Terminal, next to PEMEX gas station – FMT replacement!
  • Immigration Office: Hours 9am-1pm Mon-Fri: (329) 298-1442
  • Municipal Services: (322) 223-2500
  • Tourist Protection: (322) 223-2500
  • Ministerio Publico: (322) 222-1762
  • Protección Civil Toll free number for all of México: 1 (800) 004-1300
  • Environmental Emergency  (322) 135-5808

Nayarit Rainy Season

The rainy season in Riviera Nayarit begins in early July and continues into early October. During the Nayarit rainy season, the mornings are usually met with sunshine that lasts throughout the day. As the sun sets, rain showers usually begin, continuing for two to three hours.

Dialing Codes in Riviera Nayarit
To call a Mexican phone number from abroad, you must dial 52. If you are dialing from within México, the national long distance code is 01. To call the United States and Canada, you must dial 001. The dialing code is 00 for all other countries.

Mexico Currency
In México, the Mexican peso is used. This currency comes in bills of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pesos, and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 pesos as well as 10, 20, and 50 cents. The United States dollar as well as the Canadian Dollar and the Euro are accepted in all Currency Exchanges throughout Mexico.

Tipping in Riviera Nayarit
It is customary to leave up to a 15% tip when dining in a restaurant in Mexico.

Drinking Water in Mexico
In general, Mexican tap water is not drinkable; however, some hotels do purify their tap water. We recommend that you only drink bottled water, which is free of charge in most hotels.

Electricity in Mexico
The electric current in all of Mexico is 110 volts, the same as Canada and the United States.

WiFi in Mexico
Mexico boasts a large network of Internet resources and WiFi facilities, which allow travelers to stay connected and informed at many Cyber Cafes throughout the Riviera Nayarit. Some Nayarit hotels also offer Wireless Internet access or a computer area for hotel guests’ use.

Tax Refund for Tourists in Mexico
International tourists can apply for tax refund on consumptions, applicable to tourists entering Mexico by air or sea. First of all, you must make sure that the place to shop is affiliated with TAXBACK and make a minimum purchase of $1,200 pesos. You will receive a bill and present it in TAXBACK modules that can be found in the Airport and Puerto Vallarta Maritime Terminal, fill out a form and you will receive 65% of the total amount of taxes, 45 days after the process. More reports: 01800 NO TAX

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