As the sun rises in La Peñita de Jaltemba, it is common to see fishermen’s nets spread out on the beach next to their small boats and dozens of pelicans hovering overhead and gently floating on the waves nearby.

La Peñita is a warm Riviera Nayarit destination with all the charms of a small fishing village.

This inviting retreat offers its visitors tranquility and natural beauty, and it is no wonder that numerous foreigners have made La Peñita de Jaltemba their new home.

Where is La Peñita Mexico?

La Peñita de Jaltemba Nayarit is the largest of the three towns in Jaltemba Bay, approximately 40 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. The Jaltemba Bay stretches from Punta Raza to Boca de Naranjo.

Thanks to its close proximity to Guayabitos and Los Ayala, tranquil La Peñita also offers its guests the exciting nightlife of these two neighboring destinations.

The population of La Peñita is approximately 9,100 permanent residents.

Weather in La Peñita de Jaltemba

La Peñita weather is generally warm with temperatures averaging 82°F (28°C) and over 320 days of sunshine each year! The La Peñita Nayarit’s dry season occurs between November and May with daytime temperatures averaging 78-85°F (25-29°C). The rainy season runs from June to October with temperatures in the 90°F (32°C) range, very high humidity, and anywhere from 13-35 centimeters of rain per day. The hottest months in La Peñita are typically August and September.

La Peñita History

La Peñita was founded by the Mexicas who settled in this area on their journey from the island of Mexcaltitán to Tenochtitlán. And from this moment on, tradition has marked this town, lined with cobblestone streets softly illuminated at night under the glow of street lamps.

La Peñita Attractions and Things to Do

Every year in February, the Carnaval festival takes place, filling the streets with music, parades, and great celebration.

Another time-honored tradition of town is the tianguis outdoor market set up every Thursday along the streets of La Peñita to offer visitors handicrafts, silver jewelry, and Mexican cuisine.

Additional popular things to do in La Peñita include:

• Fishermen’s Statue
• The Church and Plaza
• Bull Ring
• Fishermen’s Market
• La Cruz La Virgen Religious statue
• The Estero
• “Bridge of Life” Cable Suspension Bridge

La Peñita Beaches

Measuring just less than 1 mile long (1.5 km), Playa La Peñita is the main beach. The calm waters are perfect for swimming and water sports. Just a short 5 minute drive from La Peñita, El Playón Beach is 5 miles long, largely inhabited, and ideal for long walks on the beach.

La Peñita Accommodations and Hotels

Despite being a small town, La Peñita offers numerous lodging options from small hotels to bungalows so visitors can better enjoy the calm waters and soft sands. And perhaps you, like so many, will be moved to establish your new residence here.

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