Owner of Stars and the Water

One of Matlali Hotel’s greatest attractions is the Makawé Spa – Adults Only (from the Huichol word meaning “owner of the stars and the water”), a magical spot inspired by the four elements. This luxurious spa at Hotel Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills Resort & Spa offers amazing treatments that combine the ancient rituals native to the region with a welcoming ambiance, caressed by the Pacific Ocean breezes and framed by the sea and sky.

Behind its doors, clients can choose from a menu of spa services that include everything from manicures, pedicures and traditional massages (think Swiss, sports, reflexology, and aromatherapy) to the most exotic of treatments based on the herbs used by the Huichol, or the Wixárica, one of the few communities that has maintained its cultural purity. For example, the ritual symbolizing life, the “Huaxe,” is a massage that involves mystic strokes using gourds to activate the body’s life force, or Kipuri. It begins with the cleansing of the aura with Iztec Teteo(copal incense) so the guest is transported to a sacred dimension where the Iyari (heart) lives. It’s a relaxation therapy that highlights both inner and outer beauty. Other exotic rituals available in the Spa include: “Haramara,” an exfoliation and pearl body mask, “Chucua,” a chocolate aroma warm wrap, and “Iztlí,” the traditional hot stone relaxation.

Several options are based on pre-Columbian ceremonies. The “Mecére” moon bath combines milk with vanilla essential oils to encourage relaxation, elevate the mood, and eliminate melancholy; the bath ends with a soothing full-body massage with natural moisturizers renowned for their calming effects. There are also other ancestral ceremonies available: “Makawé,” for specific body pressure points using natural oils, “Mololoa,” a facial hydration, and “Tahanie,” a warm bath with soothing herbs followed by a facial, hand reflexology, and wrap for tired feet.

The “Hakute” therapy seduces the sense of smell with the scent of aloe and rosemary infused in warm oil, applied during the massage. This exotic combination helps to eliminate tension and increase blood circulation. Among the Wellness paths, you may try: “El descanso” tonic bath with fragrant aromas y essential oils, “Hikuri,” a relaxing treatment using local plants, and the “Facial Teví,” a treatment for tired skin.

The “Bambú Mud” treatment uses a silicone component that stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the bone tissue and facilitates the reconstruction of cartilage damaged by osteoarthritis. It also has a remineralization effect that protects against osteoporosis, offering a unique blend of relaxation and well being in one exquisite therapy. And the spa essentials: Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage, reflexology, hand and foot care, facial and body waxing.

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