Bird Watching Vacations Mexico Nayarit; Sayulita, San Blas

Bird Watching Paradise

Riviera Nayarit, located on the Pacific west coast just north of Puerto Vallarta, is one of 31 Mexican states and is regarded as home to some of the world’s best bird watching locations for vacationing birdwatchers, especially during the months of October through to March.

Bird watching opportunities abound everywhere in Nayarit, from Sayulita to the San Blas mangrove eco region including the San Pancho and El Pozo Estuaries, Peso Island, and the La Tovara Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary.

Birding Tours in San Blas

Bird watching in San Blas is a dream come true for every bird lover. The area around San Blas Nayarit, which is less than 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta airport, boasts up to 7 different types of ecosystems. The many natural estuaries and coastal mangrove inlets and coves provide a tropical home to as many as 250 endemic species but as much as 80% of the bird population during the winter months consist of migratory birds from North America.

Bring your binoculars and bird watching cameras to catch a glimpse of such exotic bird species as:

Belted Kingfishers Bronzed Cowbirds The Great Kiskadee
Great Blue Herons The Roseat Spoonbill Mexican Wood Nymphs
Inca Doves Lineated Woodpeckers Northern Potoos
Military MaCaws The Social Flycatcher Streak-Backed Orioles
Western Meadowlarks White-Collared Seedeaters The Yellow-Winged Cacique

In Sayulita and San Blas you’ll find many professional and reputable bird watching tours. These are fully guided Mexico birding tours where you’ll learn from very knowledgeable and experienced local bird watching tour operators who will help you to see and identify many bird species you may not be familiar with. Don’t be surprised if they also point out some of Mexico’s many crocodiles and turtle species, especially if you visit the La Camelota or El Manantial Crocodile Reserves.

Mexico Bird Watching Events

If you are a true bird watching enthusiast, a good time of year to visit San Blas Nayarit for birding is during Mexico’s Festival of Migratory Birds, which is held annually between that last week of January and the beginning of February. During this time you’ll be able to take in some excellent environmental conservation seminars and bird watching presentations by some of the world’s best wildlife experts, as well as professional bird watchers (Ornithologists).

Another bird watching event worth considering during your Riviera Nayarit vacation in December is the annual San Blas Christmas Bird Count.

Watch a YouTube video about bird watching adventures in Riviera Nayarit. Visit our Land Activities page to explore other incredible Riviera Nayarit adventures like the San Blas Eco River Tour!

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Best Places for Birding Tours

Here are a few other noteworthy bird watching locations in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit that are worth exploring, and home to many other unique bird species including magpies, herons, seagulls, pelicans, frigates, swallows, and of course the endangered brown and blue-footed boobies:

Del Coral Island Del Cangrejo Island Chacala
La Vejiga Lagoon El Quelele Lagoon La Cortada Lagoon
Isabel Island San Cristóbal Mangrove Estuary Marietas Islands
El Pozo Mangrove Estuary Singayta Tecuitata
Birdwatchers in a boat below a bird on a cliff in Riviera Nayarit

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