Swimming with Whale Sharks San Blas Riviera Nayarit Mexico

Swim with Whale Sharks in Nayarit MX

At some point in your life you have to try swimming with whale sharks, one of the most novel tourist attractions in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. You can’t enjoy this water activity just anywhere on the planet but the Port of San Blas in Nayarit, Mexico, is one of those privileged locations.

Thriving in warm tropical waters, the whale shark is the largest fish on the planet, measuring between 8 and 12 meters in length (40 feet or more). It is a very large, slow moving, filter-feeding fish that feeds mostly on plankton, crustaceans, and small fish so it poses no threat to humans. Whale sharks are literally as large as some whales and migrate to this Pacific Coast region of Riviera Nayarit Mexico from May through September. This is the best time to witness these magnificent creatures. Come enjoy an incredible and unforgettable vacation swimming with whale sharks in Nayarit Mexico.

We recommend that you book a tour with Pipilas Tours to go swimming with whale sharks. Pipilas Tours is one of the oldest and most respected tour companies for these types of sea adventures. They are experts in this activity and not only know the area very well, but they are also very familiar with the whale sharks that visit us here.

General recommendations

  • You have to be careful with the tail; even though the sharks are not aggressive, their natural movements could hurt you.
  • You shouldn’t touch the sharks and much less try to ride them.
  • Although swimming with whale sharks seems easy to do on your own, you should only every try when when accompanied by an expert!

Along with swimming with whale sharks, the Riviera Nayarit offers plenty of other amazing ocean vacation adventures. Check out our Water Activties page to discover other unique water things to do in Nayarit including a Cora Island tour near Rincon de Guayabitos.

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