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Riviera Nayarit Mexico Green Initiatives Recognized

Socially committed to preserving nature and offering high standard tourism.

Riviera Nayarit, MEXICO – Our green initiatives in Riviera Nayarit, including our standards for beach cleanliness, have been recognized at an international level through a report compiled by Greenpeace, an environmental organization. This acknowledgment reinforces how much attention Nayarit has been placing to offer tourists the best, most environmentally friendly vacation destination – not only from the resorts’ and service standpoint, but from a nature and environmental perspective as well.

The Mexican newspaper Reforma mentioned that Greenpeace recognizes “Riviera Nayarit as the only destination in Mexico offering timely information on water quality at its beaches.” This wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Riviera Nayarit Hotel and the Hotel & Motel Associations of Bahia de Banderas, as well as the Compostela and San Blas associations. Together, we have actively participated in certification programs along with state government and municipal authorities. We welcome the appreciation expressed by Greenpeace for our green initiatives in Riviera Nayarit as it demonstrates that the work done in the region has yielded important results.

“We are honored to have received such great recognition for our efforts to maintain clean water levels throughout the destination,” said Marc Murphy, director of Riviera Nayarit CVB. “It is highly important for our tourists to enjoy the beaches as well as the other wonderful natural resources that Nayarit offers; the only way we can achieve this is by taking care of the environment the best way we can.”

Riviera Nayarit is the first place in Mexico with certification of Clean Beaches by The Mexican Institute of Ruling and Verification; 2 is the second level of certification that is the highest granted until now, this 2011 Mexico’s Pacific Treasure has 5 certifications of the 13 granted in the country until now.

In addition to the seemingly white to golden sand beaches, Riviera Nayarit prides itself in its ecological wonders that flourish in the area. The destination is a special gem where travelers can get closer to nature and understand the importance of preserving this precious resource.

The state of Nayarit has a territory of 16,719.856 square miles, placing it from smallest to largest as the tenth place in Mexico, it is home of 7 natural reserves including:

  • Marismas Nacionales, an extended estuary in its virgin state.
  • The Sierra de Vallejo Biosphere State Reserve, comprised of deep wild vegetation.
  • Islas Marias and Islas Marietas, both are Biosphere Reserves declared by the UNESCO.
  • Isla Isabel, a coral reef refuge for fish, birds and mammals like sea lions.
  • The Biosphere State Reserve of Sierra de San Juan.
  • The Transversal Neo Volcanic Axis.